End of Term 2016

The End of Term project has resumed for an End of Term 2016-2017 archive, and we need help to identify websites for collection, particularly those that might be most at-risk of change or deletion at the end of the presidential term.

Who can help:

We're looking look for government document experts, subject experts, and any others interested in helping identify U.S. Federal Government websites for collection and preservation. Teachers or Professors interested in getting their students involved can also participate; please contact eot-info@archive.org for more information.

What you can do:

Nominations using the Nomination Tool of any U.S. Federal Government domains are welcome. There are a few topic areas that we particularly need assistance identifying, including but not limited to:

  • Judicial Branch websites
  • Important content or subdomains on very large websites (such as NASA.gov) that might be related to current Presidential policies
  • Government content on non-government domains (.com, .edu, etc.)

Volunteer nominators will be asked to contribute as much time and effort as they are able, whether it be a nomination of 1 website or 500 websites. Nominators will be given access to the Nomination Tool, which is an easy-to-use tool created by the University of North Texas to help with collaborative selection projects. Volunteers are asked to submit some simple metadata about the site that they are nominating. To participate, please use our Nomination Tool.